Adobe Youth Voices: Create Change

Here is an interesting course that is opening up online very soon and costs nothing to attend. The Adobe Youth Voices: Create Change online course aims at preparing educators to better navigating and developing their student story telling skills with digital media in the age of social change.

The course is designed to emphasize on the personal development of:

– Applying a successful model of leading and managing the class with youth and media

– Bringing up the idea of youth media and its effects on social change and discuss it among your students

– Take advantage of various media outlets in order to create youth work

– Introduce steps to facilitate youth inquiry and reflection

– Use Adobe apps to make media with youth and share with the community

I personally doubt that such a short course could accomplish so much but with 4 hours of work time each week, maybe the participant could choose to focus on one of the targets and make use of it in their classroom effectively.

Even though Adobe products are not easy to get started on, one must not be discouraged for the program requires little to no access to Adobe products. With basic email skills and a computer connected to the Internet, most people could effectively complete the course.

The start date is September 15th 2014 and the end date is November 15th. In order to take part in the course, you will need to register before the deadline of October 25th.


Linh Dao


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