TED Talk: Education Kills Creativity

This is a TED Talk by Ken Robinson about how the education system today kills creativity in young children.  It was recorded back in 2006 but has stuck with me for a long time.  He speaks about the importance of creativity in general but also the need to interact with students and discover their individual learning methods.

“Creativity is as important today as literacy”.  This is a important idea to keep in mind in all forms of teaching.

-Josh Dryk


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  1. Michelle Pennington

    First of all, this man is hilarious, and this video is definitely worth watching. He makes strong, valid points about our educational system and I have to say that I completely agree with his point of view. He stated, that if you are not prepared to be wrong, you won’t come up with anything original. I agree that without going through experiments within our artistic practices, would we ever come up with anything new? We are in a time period when everything has been done. There is hardly anything that could be considered an original idea that doesn’t have some sort appropriation from something else. He also stated that our educational system has always had a hierarchy with mathematics and languages being the most important, humanities, and then the arts. Many of us have recently been discussing how art and music programs are being wiped out all across America, and we have to remember that all people learn and interpret information in different ways. I loved the story that he told of the woman that ended up being a successful dancer and owned her own studio and worked for the Royal ballet. He had said that her mom took her to a doctor to try to diagnose her problem, and this was before ADHD was a thing, and he looked at the child for a couple of seconds and said she needs to move and use her whole body to think, she should be a dancer. And her success proves that true. This story hits home for me because I have an aunt that tries to get all of my cousins diagnosed with ADHD and wants to get them all put on Adderall. I know many people think this way because they don’t want to have to spend the time to try to figure out what form of education would help that person. Maybe they are stimulated more visually, or perhaps they prefer to read to gain information. Or they may be musically inclined. I think that as future professors, it is our job to notice students strong suites. Give them options to become a better learner and try to understand their needs by figuring out how they learn. I feel like the classroom should not be orientated towards one type of learning so that students are more likely to succeed. He made one final statement that I thought was great; “We need to rethink the fundamental principals by which we educated our children. Our task is to educate their whole being.”



  2. David Diaz

    I cannot tell you how eye-opening this talk has been to me. I saw it couple of months ago, and it reinforced this really deep feeling of inconformity I had with the system. I think this is positive since I now know there is people that care about such profound issue. We, as educators, must work within the system to shift the learning experience of our students. To open their eyes to the finding of their true passion through critical thinking, experimentation, exploration, and discovery. You guys have got to see these! You must!!!



  3. I enjoyed watching these videos and totally agree!


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