On the values of an art education

This is an interesting article on the value of an art education. The author started out pointing at numbers of dollars and cents that an art education bring to the economy. These numbers excluded the contribution coming from graphic designers, media in communication school, and Creative Writing Program graduates. In the field of intermedia alone, the numbers are significant. Link: http://chronicle.com/article/Who-Knew-Arts-Education-Fuels/145217/ The article stated that the values of an art education are far more than that of numbers alone. In the rest of the article, the author attempted to figure out a way to measure the other values that an art education bring. What came to my mind was the role of a creative leader in the workforce. A creative leader certainly is somebody who is flexible with ideas and also give the team freedom and recognition to a greater extend. After all being a leader isn’t just about knowing how things work. It is also about knowing how people work. A leader who is more in touch with the human mind and the spontaneity and the possibilities of it is the right person to push people to the right direction. I know that I would love to be in a team with a creative leader. What about you? Link: http://hbr.org/2008/10/creativity-and-the-role-of-the-leader/ar/1 — Linh Dao


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This blog is dedicated to providing resources to the Graduate Teaching Assistants in the UTA MFA program pertaining to teaching strategies, methods, and materials. We aim to start a public discussion that serves to enhance the classroom experience for both teacher and student.

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