While I am not exactly a kid anymore, however I see this as something that I can still relate to. Whatever it is I want to be happy and good at doing that.

– Brendan Feltrup-Exum


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  1. Josh dryk

    This is fantastic and on many points. It is very impressive to hear this kid speak about the need to educate children better and encourage creativity. I think its very interesting that he touched on the point that his mother pulled him out of normal schooling and was heavily criticized for it. Now he is doing a TED talk and speaking about education better than a lot of educators. I think that says something about the education system and our overall view of it. If he can be pulled out of public school and thrive to this extent while so many children that still learn in the normally accepted way are essentially held back, then there is a lot of improvement that can be made. I think its also important to note that while working with creative professionals he was shown why learning math and other such skills are important. There are far too many skills taught in school that are vital to our futures but never taught or explained why they are needed in any practical way.

    I love the points of “TLC” that are mentioned for improving wellness and happiness as well. I know some of these points were mentioned in a recent GTA meeting and they are still incredibly important.

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