5 Creativity Myths You Possibly Believe

Here is a link about some common myths that could help you get out if you are stuck in the creative process.

What makes me laugh, then think is myth number 3: Creative people are lone, eccentric geniuses.

First, are we geniuses?

I can’t answer this question even though I did ask. Maybe one day somebody will help me answer it throughoutly. Until then, I give my mom some credits for her words. She said that I was. Makes me sleep better at night.

Second, are we loners?

I certainly am. Most of the times I am afraid of letting other people know what crazy things going on inside my head. Another reason for us to hang together. I am glad this is an universal belief, but the article suggested that creativity is a team sport. There is definitely some truths to it that could be shared with students in the classroom.

Linh Dao


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