Preschool Ditches Brand-Name Toys for Cardboard Boxes

Humans and animals alike know the good fun of a box. The immense power of human creativity and imagination flow forth from our fingertips as we fold, cut, and shape these boxes into objects anew.

Preschool Article Link

The preschool article reinforces the idea that cardboard can be as dull or as magical as the interactee allows it to be. There are design studios build almost entirely out of cardboard. Such a simple and ecological approach is one aspect that most people respect, yet think of the malleable qualities of cardboard. They can shape and reshape their office with ease. Want to hide your computer wires by having them run under the desk instead of being all over the top? Just cut a hole with a standard knife and boom! Problem solved.

This Office did Just That


Here’s Another!

While we each work in different areas of study, the basis of art and teaching remain the same. Taking notes from these two articles, there are methods that could be applied to the projects taught in some way fashion or form. Specifically in the VC area, it could turn into a 3D project where we are challenged to think in the round much more than simply just flat. Even if it’s not related to packaging, thinking about the round is a great way to build fluid logic vs rigid logic. I had a project using cardboard in Typography, and the results were quite interesting. Here are two examples from the project.


– Shaban


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