What is art? Are we accepting it or ignoring it?

Games. In this day an age, everyone engages in an interactivity that is in some way, shape, or form gaming. The term previously mentioned though is publicly regarded as video games specifically.

The idea of video games as art is something that has been challenged since their initial release. As the technology has developed more people are ok with thinking about the art of video games. But underneath all of this make-up there is a fortress of soldiers that run about and make everything possible. The coding.

The coding of video games is not really thought of much until someone decides they want to look into making one. It’s enough to scare just about anyone. Games with extremely complex scenarios and different endings or outcomes even more so. The Museum of Modern Art in New York though has been embracing this movement of games as art. The MoMA focuses on coding, but they also have other criteria that lead to their decisions of what makes it into the museum.

The Video from TED Link

As we develop as teachers and artists, it’s important to keep in mind that art exists in many forms. Learn from it if possible and understand what makes it beautiful, what makes it unique, and what makes it art. Each medium lends itself to the enjoyment of the piece of art/work, and the field of gaming is no different.

– Shaban


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