VFX Work of the Past

I find a bunch of inspiration into the craft of working with VFX by researching the ways things were done traditionally without computer aids. Working on Voyager I attempted to do much of the work as I could without computers. It became difficult unfortunately as I had not had some of the training that these folks had or the time to invest in lengthy research that would provide little to show other than a small portion of a my film. However as I continue down the path of research here and after I leave I hope to continue to expand my knowledge and skill at this practice.

While screening a test version of my film in the UK, I received many praises by VFX masters who commented on the model crafting techniques and blending of the real with the fake to make a believable shot. Here is some additional videos that provided me inspiration.



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This blog is dedicated to providing resources to the Graduate Teaching Assistants in the UTA MFA program pertaining to teaching strategies, methods, and materials. We aim to start a public discussion that serves to enhance the classroom experience for both teacher and student.

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