Typographic Dating Game

Choosing a pair of fonts that work together is not always the easiest task. In helping students picking fonts and making better decisions when it comes to typographic choices, here is something to start with:

1. Type Connection

This is a typographic dating game that helps you learn how to pair typefaces. The game includes some of the most popular fonts such as Helvetica and Garamond. These two are so classic, they are considered safe choice. You can’t go wrong with either one. But what else could you add to the mix?

Recommend to students in first and second year.

2. Best font combination for the web – Short list

Typography for the web is tricky. There is the readability and the kerning issues to consider. Here is a list of 10 picks that are quite contemporary that your students would appreciate. What I like about this list is that there is a clear, readable layout for the audiences to follow. There are also a tons of examples to demonstrates how the fonts would look together.



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