Oculus Experience by Brendan

After exploring quite considerably the idea of creating an immersive film with virtual reality I have been met by fears and worries on reception and how distribution would be effective. If the device that is used to view the film is only within the reach of a few does it limit the desire or ability to see the creative work so much that no one will care?

If making a virtual reality film becomes too terrifying will people steer away from it.

Watching some clips about films vs games set apart the idea of how interactivity might be removed because your control over the film is solely limited to what you view and not where you are or how you move. Does that become sickening?

This video presents it with a fixed point, however games you have control over moment.

With this here is a game review that has control. Yet still terrifying.

However what happens when you lose the ability to control your position in the film. Maybe what we need is a create your own adventure film with decision, but the vast amount of media would be a headache.


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