Warm up Exercise: Mars 
Cake Care Package

A Speed Brainstorming Exercise

Your significant other has been appointed to go on a mission to Mars. It is about to be his birthday in several days. As luck would have it, you’re a professional baker. This is good news because the space station is testing a new policy: If it can fit in a cake, it can go in space. Time to figure out what you could sneak in.

Your challenge is to write down as many items as you can conjure that you could covertly pass to your loved one inside a cake. The goal is to provide items that he or she would want or need in space. There’s no limit to what could be sent. If it gets past the weight test, it’s no longer considered earthly. Start writing down as many items as you can in 3 minutes.

This exercise is all about your creative ability. Count the number of ideas you generated in 3 minutes. How many ideas did you generate? Did you come up with more than 10. This is significant because inn just a very short period of time, you were able to generate a large number of ideas, so time really isn’t the issue. You are capable of coming up with a fantastic idea. I think that the restrictions of the problem you are solving could benefit the process of idea-generation. You just need to stick to the essentials and follow with the creative process even though it is demanding.

This quick warm up activity could be done in Sign & Symbol class prior to our movie poster project to get the student to think about objects and their functions, as well as forms that are critical to the plot of the movie.

Linh Dao


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