Students + Social Media

Came across the article below about a high school teaching utilizing various social media platforms in the classroom.

I especially liked the concept of boiling down a particular lesson into a single tweet.  Could easily be adapted in the collegiate environment via having an individual twitter account for an entire course so that students can stay up to date (or a blog, such as with this course).

  • Cydney Cox

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This blog is dedicated to providing resources to the Graduate Teaching Assistants in the UTA MFA program pertaining to teaching strategies, methods, and materials. We aim to start a public discussion that serves to enhance the classroom experience for both teacher and student.

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  1. Billi

    You could alternatively have a unique hashtag for a class or a topic to create a discussion thread.

    The linked article seems to present a principle for mediating exchanges between instructors and students: “meet them at their point of interest, instead of fighting the tide.” That being said, I think you have to have strong classroom engagement for social media to add anything to a course. In other words, the tide you are fighting, first and foremost, is unwillingness to engage publicly (online or in person) with the course content.


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