File Naming Convention

Here is some really good tips in naming your files that could share with your students. It would make their workflow go so much faster, and contribute to their productivity.

Basically, this is how they do it at a studio:

1. All jobs get a job code. The first three letters are the client’s initials. The three digits are just sequential, regardless of client.

2. In each job folder we create sub-folders for Paperwork, Design, Research, Sketches, etc.

3. In the Design folder we create a folder for each of the deliverables as outlined in the proposal (Logo, Website, etc.).

4. In the Design folder we usually* create a folder for each round. A round is defined as any time we present something to the client.

5. The “working files” folder includes miscellaneous files like scripts, Illustrator and Photoshop files that we use to create certain effects, etc. For example, when we worked on the Bun Mee restaurant all the display type had a stroked shading effect on it. I set up a system to create these in Illustrator so each one would be consistent and saved this file in my “working files” folder.

6. Each file is named according to this system: JobNumber_DeliverableName_RoundNumberVersionNumber_Date.filetype

Linh Dao


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